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Why on earth share your resolution?

Donna Bruschi

Posted on January 08 2024

Last week I talked about the changing light. 

It seemed brighter and the daylight lasted longer. This week, days are definitely longer. The weather was colder, windier, and I spent more time inside, thinking, writing, looking around and unpacking. I put more Christmas decorations away. I dusted.

I set my resolution to “Make my life comfortable and peaceful.”

This past week, I was preparing for the start of my Mew Mother’s Social Circle, after 3 years of not meeting. I had some items to purchase, reminders to send, and my regular lactation consultation appointments with new mothers and babies. One mother and I shared a long illuminating conversation about how much new mothers need friends and community. I left her home feeling hopeful and filled with joy.

And now I am adding "joyful" to the resolution.

I’ve thought a lot about my resolution in the past week—turning it over and over in my mind.

What does it mean to be comfortable? Peaceful? Joyful? 

We moved into a new house last summer—It’s still chaotic, not comfortable. It has pockets of comfort, like my bedroom, and my chair where I sit writing all these newsletters. The kitchen is functional, but I still don’t know where some kitchen items are.

It’s not quite joyful yet, but there are times when it is. It’s not quite peaceful, but when the sawing and banging stops and our office is complete, it will be peaceful. So I live in hope, confident that this time will end sooner because now, I am resolved and focused on comfort, peace and joy.

The age-old skepticism to setting a resolution: How do you keep it?

I think there are a few important things to consider. I’m not any kind of expert, but I am generally hopeful and persistent with a fair amount of grit. I start a lot of projects and see them through to completion.

1. It’s the right resolution. You are ready for a change and you feel it deep inside.

2. The resolution fill you with good feelings, even if it’s a hard one.

3. You share your resolution with others, thereby deepening your resolve.

4. Others enlighten you and hold you accountable with their curiosity.

“How’s that resolution of yours coming along? What are you experiencing? What are you noticing about the changes? I was thinking about that resolution of yours, have you considered, bla bla bla?”

I invite you to be curious about my resolution, to shine a light on it, to illuminate it with your knowledge and your curiosity. I’ll be posting progress about it in our Facebook group.

Have you set a resolution?

I would love to hear about it! You can reply back to this email, or post it in the Three Sisters Herbals Peeps Group   (


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