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Surprising Uses for Bug Away Spray

Kimberlee Mule

Posted on March 21 2023


Over the years, my family and I have used our Bug Away Spray in some creative ways as an effort to ward off the pesky insects that we encounter and use a product that we know is safe for Mother Earth.

I've shared these tips with numerous customers and friends and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. It made me want to share it will all of you!

Surprise Uses for Bug Away:
- Spray in screen door at nightfall. As the screen door gets opened and closed, the smell of the Bug Away will be propelled through the air. Bugs don't like it and they won't want to try to fly into your house. The result: Fewer bugs in your house at the end of the night

- Spray your tent doors. Same idea as the screen door. You can also spray the outside of your tent to keep creepy crawlies away while you're sleeping

- Your Dog!! Furry pals deserve organic pest control too. Totally safe for dogs and an effective method for deterring ticks. Must be sprayed daily.

- Diffuser. Having an outdoor party? Put a little Bug Away in your favorite aromatherapy diffuser, place outside and safely deter mosquitoes and more.
This can replace citronella candles.

- Spray underneath your picnic or patio table to deter ant from crawling up to snack on your feast.

- Picnic on a blanket? Spray the blanket and the surrounding grass to keep unwanted visitors from joining you.

You may be asking yourself why do we use an organic product on our tents or screen doors? The answer is simple. We are still breathing it in when the screen door opens and closes. 

In-home air pollution from chemical fragrances and other airborne pollutants is a leading cause of COPD and asthma. Being mindful about not putting chemicals on our skin is sold short if you're using a harsh chemical or known carcinogen other places. 

Do you have a clever way you've been using Bug Away? 
Let us know and we'll add it to the list! 



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