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  • Welcoming Stillness: A week of rest.

    Donna Bruschi

    Posted on January 01 2024

    Welcoming Stillness: A week of rest.

    The New Year is here. Many people are looking back, looking forward and pondering resolutions- More vegetables? More exercise? Drink less alcohol? Drink more water? Lose weight? Save money? Winter is the time to slow down, go deep inside, and connect with our source.

  • An invitation into stillness

    Donna Bruschi

    Posted on December 25 2023

    An invitation into stillness

    This week is a reminder for slowing down your pace and observing. We will come back to our New Year’s resolutions, just not yet. Join me next week for next steps in stillness.

  • Space, The Final Frontier.

    Kimberlee Mule

    Posted on March 20 2017

    Space, The Final Frontier.
    These are the voyages of the Starship Entrepreneur. Stardate: 3.20.2017 Being an entrep...