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RIP Aunt Nancy, one of the Three Sisters

Kimberlee Mule

Posted on June 30 2017


RIP Aunt Nancy, one of the Three Sisters, our name is inspired by.

One of the kindest most compassionate souls I've ever that the honor to know. 

You never had any children of your own, but you were like a second Mother to 
me and a grandmother to my kids.

The lessons I learned from you will stay with me until I move to the next realm.
And they will live on in my children.

You were Mother to all things fur and feathered. 
There is a special place in the afterlife for you.
Dogs and cats at your feet.
Birds singing sweetly on your shoulders.
And doe and stag at your side.

Hug mom for me and whisper "I love You" in her ear.

Take your beloved husband's hand for all eternity and rejoice,
for your life was good and full of meaning, love and purpose.

Until we meet again.



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