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Recycle Program

Packaging Recycling Program

Utilizing the Terracycle Recycling Program, TSH's currently enrolled in the
packaging recycling programs shown below.

Please consider saving these items that would normally be tossed.

By doing so, you'll reduce your impact on the planet,
keep trash out of our Oceans and off our Beaches.
And be one step closer to a Zero Waste Lifestyle.

Mail collected items to TSH, it's that easy!
Please scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions.

We are excited to have this opportunity to reduce the amount of trash put out at the curb,
and to make our world a better place.

Teracycle offers points for items we send in.
Once we have accumulated enough points, we will be asking YOU
what charity you would like the points to be donated to!!

The more you recycle, the more we can donate!!!!



Items to be recycled can be mailed to us, or we will pick them up anywhere in Hyde Park, NY. Scroll to bottom of page for details.

When mailing items:

  • Packaging must be cleaned of all product or food
  • Items must be dry prior to mailing
  • Item must be separated according to the specific programs

Please mail to:
Three Sisters Herbals, LLC
53 Forest Drive
Hyde Park, NY 12538

Live in Hyde Park, NY???
Email us to arrange a FREE pick-up.


About TSH Eco-Initiative:

We are committed to making Mother Earth a better, more sustainable place for future generations.

Here are some of the ways we conserve:

  • All our gift bags and tissue paper are made from recycled paper from GreenWay
  • Scissors with recycled plastic handles
  • All First Class USPS packages are boxed in a re-purposed box, with re-purposed packing materials *
  • All USPS Priority Mail packages include re-purposed packing materials *
  • All ink Cartridges are recycled
  • All paper waste is either reused as scrap (for lists and notes) or recycled
  • All power to create products and day-to-day operations of the business is 100% Wind Energy
  • Containers from raw ingredients are either washed, sanitized and reused, or they are recycled
  • We use cloth rags and dish towels as much as possible. When we have to use paper towels, they are made from recycled paper
  • All product containers and Beeswax is purchased within NYS only, to reduce the overall environmental footprint of the business
  • Reuse plastic bags containers are shipped to us in (from the menufactureer) as garbage pail liners
  • NEW! Starting in August 2018, all salve tubs and tins that are shipped direct to customer will NOT be shrink wrapped! One less thing to toss in the trash.

Here are some suggestions for YOU:

  • Reuse our gift bags and any mailing materials
  • Clean and reuse your white salve tubs 
  • Reuse the zip top bags your sprays are shipped in
  • Participate in our recycling programs


* This means we NEVER by bubble wrap or brown wrapping paper, but collect it and reuse it. 

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