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Welcoming the light of winter.

Donna Bruschi

Posted on January 15 2024

The second week of Winter Break.

winter sun shining through a stand of trees, casting long shadows on snow

The New Year is here. Many people are looking back, looking forward and pondering resolutions and most have already given up on good intentions. 

Winter is the time to slow down, go deep inside, and connect with our source.

In spite of my admonishment to not set a resolution, I have a resolution: I am listening to my body. I am resting. I am allowing myself to sleep; to take naps; to close my laptop, close my eyes, pull a blanket over my arms, lean into my chair and drift off, and also to move. I am paying attention to my productive times and low energy times and shifting some activities.

This week, I still feel a little tired, but also a little restless. My resolutions are now persistent and pestering. I crave the outside and I walk outside every day. The first days I walked slowly, but two days ago, I felt the urge to walk faster, and I did.

I checked the time, because I wanted to be home for dark, but I also wanted to walk my old walk- nearly three miles. I felt ready and eager with some energy to spare. I started easy and over the distance of a mile, increased my pace. I closed distance on another walker and passed her. She responded by jogging ahead, and I kept pace with her for a ways, but eased up—it felt competitive—not easy.

I walked west—the light was brighter than a few weeks ago. I don’t think the days are actually much longer yet, but that day was clear and bright, full of freshness. I headed home and eased my pace. A wind started; the air cooled; the dark deepened; I saw paw prints in mud and ice, but no animals. 

I came home to lights in the kitchen, the warmth of dinner cooking and my family’s quiet activities. I lay down on my bed, pulled a throw over me, and breathed, in and out, in and out, slower and slower, noticing my blood pulsing, a little sore, my muscles stiffening, thirsty, and glad to rest.

Also this week, I fit in some housekeeping—the seasonal type—rugs, more unpacking, decluttering, organizing—I made Magic Salve and continued editing Three Sisters Herbals product labels. Kim gave me helpful feedback on my efforts and she shared pictures of her new fur baby. Adorable, of course!

Back to those pestering resolutions... 

Of all the things I want to do, one resolution keeps floating to the top of my list:

Make my life comfortable and peaceful.

It is broad and far ranging, and it encompasses every loose idea I have. This week, walking faster felt comfortable and peaceful. Making Magic Salve in the new kitchen was peaceful and easy. Focusing on my mom’s needs for connection made our home more peaceful. Inviting my stepson and his girlfriend for dinner and conversation brought liveliness, comfort and joy into our home. Unpacking brought some useful things into the kitchen, and a box of donations was passed on to the thrift store.

Making an effort to write to you, while uncomfortable in the moment, adds ease in my mind for a whole week, and definitely long-term comfort in continuing sales and prosperity. 

This week pick one resolution to focus on:

Listen to your big questions, and see which one keeps floating to the top. Is it big enough, chewy enough, satisfying enough, for you to work on?

This resolution can be as informal or as formal as you like. It should include one or more non-tangible ideals—comfort, peace, happiness, satisfaction, inspiration, strength, love—things of that sort.

For the next week, continue these:

  • Turn off the TVs and your devices.
  • Take naps. Go to bed earlier and sleep in.
  • Sit quietly, wrapped in a blanket, or by a fire. Look out a window and watch snow fall and the rain. Listen to the wind, or the stillness. Listen to your furnace cycle off and on. Listen to your house creak, cars driving by and your neighbors coming and going. Listen to your children in the background. Invite them to snuggle in next to you, or not.
  • Breathe slowly and evenly. Listen to your breath. Place your hand on your heart, (or your neck) and feel your heart beat.
  • Walk slowly, stretch slowly, and lift weight—anything heavy for you—move slowly and with purpose.
  • Go outside. Feel the air on your face. Hear the wind and the sounds around you. Breathe in the cold air—slowly and through a scarf or your coat—if it’s too cold. Notice the smells outside. Look up at the sky, day or night.


We are setting our New Year’s Resolution. Join me next week for next steps.



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