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Spring Upcycle

Kimberlee Mule

Posted on June 23 2019

All my life I’ve been a crafter. 

Over the years, Ive tried just about everything: ceramics, jewelry making, embroidery, sewing, painting, wood crafts etc etc. 

One of my favorite ways to craft is the upcycle. 

Upcycling crafts speak to me on so many different levels. First there is the creativity. You really have to think outside the box to successfully upcycle something into another thing. 

Second, I love the “crafting with a purpose” When you upcycle Craft, your saving one or two or maybe more things from the landfill. You’re doing our precious Mother Earth a favor. 

Third, I adore the individuality of an upcycled craft. Sometimes they are one of a kind, but they always make you think and spark ideas of transformation and the unique perspective of the artist. 

This spring, I wanted something a little different for my driveway. When we no longer needed a gorgeous handcrafted screen door, I knew I had to do something special with it. 

After some time, I decided to use it as a trellis for a flowering vine, because the chicken wire on it is perfect for that. 

We anchored it into the ground, and bought a beautiful creamy white clematis vine to climb up it and hopefully give us some gorgeous blooms. 

We share a driveway with our neighbors. People are always confused as to with House is #53 and which is #55. This screen door trellis was placed at the Y in the driveway where I am always telling people “make a left at the Y”

When I saw these adorable little fence pickets (made

from upcycled wood pallets!!) that were left over from my son’s Eagle Scout Project, I thought “OMG, turn them on their side and they make arrows!” Sweet!!

i painted numbers on them and clear coated both sides. 

Here is the end product 

Imagine it covered with the Clematis blooms. 

Ill have to post another pic when it has some

time to grow!


what do you think?

Tell me about your favorite upcycle ... even if it’s one you’ve seen. Doesn’t have to be something you’ve created yourself. 





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