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Ripping off the Velcro

Kimberlee Mule

Posted on May 18 2018

Ripping off the Velcro


Mom gig.
So hard.
Sometimes painful.
Totally the best thing I’ve ever done.

I said to my husband the other day “We’re at that place where we don’t have
to tag team parent anymore. The kids can (somewhat) take care of
themselves and we can have an hour or two to ourselves”

As soon as I said it, the reality of it hit me.

I can’t even read this, I want to cry just looking at it.

After years of attachment parenting, nine cumulative years of extended
Breast feeding, homeschooling then public schooling. Being there for every
boo-boo, sick day, heartbreak (times three). I’ve learned about myself as I taught my kids. I’ve searched my soul to find the answers to my parenting dilemmas. Sometimes screaming and sometimes biting my tongue as they make small,
yet significant choices. Earning my Mama Bear tattoo and rockin’ it with pride.
Now, my “Velcro Babies” are ripping themselves away from me.

The temptation to become a Helicopter Mom is unbearable.
Not because I don’t trust them, simply because I want to keep them closer a little while longer.

So instead, I’ve found myself a combination of “Frankie” from “The Middle" and
“Barb” from “The Goldbergs”. My kids giggle and give me sideways glances as
these two TV moms do silly, hairbrained, nonsense. Offended at first, I soon
realized my kids thought it was endearing, and again, my confidence grew as a

I find myself in the next phase.... college prep meetings at high school,
daughter with a boyfriend, my “baby” starting middle school. I feel like I’m
caught between a longing for the past and my hopes for their future.

And I'm constantly double checking myself to make sure I’m doing





Because my time is almost up. Even though I’ll be a mom forever.



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About: Kim is a momma, wife and small business owner. 
She lives with her family in Duchess County, NY, where she enjoys her rescue dog, bunnies and chickens. 
Her family loves camping, hiking, geocaching, and all things Cub and Boy Scouting. 
She is the owner/creator of Three Sisters Herbals, LLC., which she affectionately calls “her other baby”. 
TSH is the same age as her youngest human baby, and they are all growing up together.


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  • angela: May 25, 2018

    It’s so easy to get drawn into helicopter parenting. Don’t do it. Find another outlet and trust that you raised your children to make good choices. Let them make mistakes, and let them fall. They learn how to get up that way.

  • Roberta Perry: May 25, 2018

    So sweet. My babies are all in their twenties, so I get it!!

  • Sharon T McLaughlin: May 23, 2018

    They will always be your babies, wonderful story.

  • Euniece Dunning: May 21, 2018

    I truly believe there is no greater charge given to a human than parenting. Above that, the mother is held accountable for habits before during and after birth. Therefore, I applaud you. I have never given birth however I have raised 3 girls. It is a test that outweighs all challenges. GREAT JOB MOM

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