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When Bugs Bug You

Donna Bruschi

Posted on March 28 2023

Meet the Bugs.

Yellow Jackets

These are all contributing members of Mother Earth.

Bugs are hardworking survivalists that help pollinate, demolish and more or less keep life on earth in rotation, from seed to flower to fruit and back again into dirt.

Well maybe not mosquitos….

But a quick search indicates that not only are mosquitos pollinators, they are also a yummy meal for many animals. Maybe I can feel a little sorry for them? They are born to be a meal.

Most bugs have good boundaries.
They live their life, we live ours, and everyone is happy.

Other bugs bug us.

They sting, they bite, they embed, they creepy-crawl us, and they share our food. With the advent of modern chemicals, humans declared war on bugs, and ended up with a chemical mess that killed birds and other wildlife, and poisoned humans. Not a good solution, even though it’s still going on.

I have a housewife’s handbook from the 1950’s, and the authors recommend dusting your family’s bedsheets with DDT. Because, why not pull out the big guns, instead of washing your sheets more often?

The truth is, bugs are not that hard to deter.

We can draw a line, use some physical boundaries, some soap, and some essential oils and they get the message: Bug Away! No humans are harmed. No bugs are harmed. Bugs and Humans live their happy lives.

You probably already use soap, screens and netting. So here’s Bug Away!

Use Bug Away Spray on your skin, clothing, back packs, shoes, dog, picnic table, screens, netting, blanket and more to create a force field of scent that bugs don’t like. Shake well! Spray often!

Bug Away has a light pleasing non-bug-spray-ey scent. You already know some of the essential oils in the blend:

Citronella. Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Lemon & Tea Tree

Bug Away reduces your need for chemicals. 

It’s important to understand that Bug Away is not a replacement for DEET and Picarin. There are times when you may want to use tested chemical bug repellents.

What I have found, living and raising my family in the outdoors, is Bug Away takes care of a lot of the nuisance that bugs bring.

About tick safety

Mow your property and stay out of infested areas during heavy tick population times. Tick populations are dormant in the heat of summer, and on below freezing days. Check for ticks throughout the day, and throughly EVERY night, Bathe every night and put on clean pajamas.

Use Bug Away Stick on your arms and legs to create an oily barrier that slows ticks down and deters them from embedding. You have more time to pick them off.

Apply regularly. Enjoy the outdoors!

You can use Bug Away on your dog! Apply regularly to keep flies, mosquitos and gnats away.

You may also prefer a tick collar. Seresto makes a safer collar for pets that will reduce the number of ticks creeping around in your home.

Bug Away smells good to us, but Bugs think it’s “Pee-Yoo.”

Stock Up for Bug Season!
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