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It's springtime again and it feels so different

Kimberlee Tompkins

Posted on May 15 2020

Typically this time of year, we are smiling up at the trees as their little green buds grow,
weekends are filled with BBQs, celebrations and maybe the first trip of the season.

This year things look the same but feel very, very different. 
Celebrations are cancelled or postponed.
Birthday parades are now a thing.
Simple get togethers with family and friends are not something
we take for granted, but something we long for.

One thing has not changed. 
Spring is a time of rebirth, of change.
A time to plant your seeds of intention and watch them blossom in the warm summer sun.

My youngest son experienced a COVID heartbreak today.
His beloved Boy Scout sleep away camp is cancelled for the season.
I dreaded telling him, in all honesty, I couldn't speak the words,
my husband had to do it (Thank you, my sweetie).
As my son and I cried and held each other, I was forced to dig deep inside. This was a moment to to rise as a parent. 

When our tears had stopped, I was prepared with a list of fun things we could do this summer instead of sleep away camp. 
He was smiling and hopeful by the time we were done. 

Yes, hopeful.

And I am too.
Hopeful of the opportunities for new memories to be made.
To experience something we never have before (months together at home) and most likely never will again, and come out of a global pandemic a closer family.

What are you grateful for because of social distancing?
What do you have time to do that may you wouldn't have before?
What have you discovered that now brings hope to your Spring?

And one last word, to all of you who have lost loved ones,
my heart hurts with you. We are a community of human beings right now,
more then ever as COVID-19 knows no race, political party or income bracket. We have to ban together to fight this.
We mourn together and we hope together.

Peace, love and hope,

About: Kim is a momma, wife and small business owner. 
She lives with her family in Duchess County, NY, where she enjoys her rescue dog, bunnies and hamsters. And her daughter's cat... Grand Kitty.
Her family loves camping, gardening, hiking, geocaching, and all things outdoors.
She is the owner/creator of Three Sisters Herbals, LLC., which she affectionately calls “her other baby”. 
TSH is the same age as her youngest human baby, and they are all growing up together.


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