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Intro to Oil Cleansing

Kimberlee Mule

Posted on April 24 2019

Intro to Oil Cleansing:

This concept may seem like a odd one, or one of those crazy fads you may be hearing about.

Remember, "oil likes oil" so using an oil to cleanse your face will lift off the excess oil, blackheads, makeup and more.

Trust me, this is the real deal.

Most people are oil cleaning with straight up oils
(olive and castor are the most popular).

But don't you want to have a leg up on everyone else and oil cleanse with
Magic Salve's plethora of herbal goodness?

I've been oil cleansing for months and let me tell you, me facial skin feels AMAZING!!

Break the Cycle:
Does your skin care routines look something like this?
Get up in the morning wash your face to find your cleanser made your face dry.
Apply moisturizer.
Then apply makeup.
Before bed, remove eye makeup, now your skin is dry.
Wash face...guess what???
The cleanser took all the dirt and the moisture away from your skin.
Repeat the moisturizer process.

What if you could cleanse and moisturize in one step??

The Process:
Apply a generous dollop of Magic Salve to your face.
I've been using a glob about the size of a dime to cleanse my whole face
and remove my eye makeup.

Rub the Magic Salve all over your face and you'll start to feel your foundation
and all the dirt loosen and lift up. If you have eye makeup on, avoid that area till last.

Once you've done your whole face, them move to your eyes.
Use little circular motions around your eyes until you have dissolved all your eye makeup.

Ok, now that you're a total mess :)
Dampen a wash cloth with nice warm water, not hot, but warm water.

Gently, and I mean really gently begin to wipe off the dirt and makeup that the Magic Salve lifted off your face.

Your goal here is to wipe away until your skin feels clean and smooth...
but not so much that you've stripped your skin down, like with the cleanser.

How could this happen? By rubbing and wiping too much with a wash cloth.

Remember, just remove the Magic Salve and everything attached to it.

No need to rinse, just pat your face dry with a nice, fluffy soft towel.

How do you know you've cleaned your face?
When I first started doing this I used a white towel to pat my face dry.
It was good gauge to see if I was wiping away enough.

Are you wondering why not just use straight up Olive Oil?
it would be less expensive, right?
There is none of the Magic, no herbs, no soothing Lavender Essential Oil.

Additionally, I bet you very rarely need to apply additional Magic Salve as a moisturizer after you've properly oil cleansed.
Consider your ration of Magic Salve devoted to facial moisturizer now used for cleansing and moisturizing.

You're actually saving money because you don't have to purchase the cleanser now!!




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