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Un-Paper, it's easy and eco-freindly

Kimberlee Mule

Posted on April 24 2019

Production of paper goods puts a huge stress on the planet's resources.
Even the process of recycling paper into other paper products is not an ideal process for the environment.

Here are the main paper products we use in our home, and their Un-Paper alternatives:

Paper Towels: Layers of absorbent fabric sewn together with snaps on both sides, this is a "Un-Paper Towel" They snap together and roll up just like paper towels. They can be used on the same paper towel dispenser you already have mounted in your kitchen. Washable and reusable for 100's of uses. The price point is worth the investment for long lasting replacement of a disposable paper product.

Napkins: Cloth napkins are not just for high tea. We have two different categories of cloth napkins in our house. Guest: These are matching sets (usually seasonal patterns) with no stains, for a service of 8-12. Everyday: These are the random cloth napkins I've purchased over the years at thrift shops. (Some of my guests sets come from thrift shops also) They have some stains, are not as pretty and are good enough for everyday use.

Tissues: Remember your Grandpa's hankies? Simply have a basket with clean hankies. Use once, put in the laundry.

Tip: Use napkin rings on your everyday cloth napkins, have one ring for every member of the family. Sometimes cloth napkins don't get dirty enough at one meal to need washing. Putting it in a napkin ring means your washing less, but not sharing each others napkins.




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