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A Birthday Wish for Nikki

Kimberlee Tompkins

Posted on October 29 2019

On any given day in my life, I have everything I need: a warm home, nutritious food, a supportive husband and great kids.

Nikki doesn’t.

If I want a grilled cheese, I can make it.
If I need a friend, I can make a call.

Nikki can’t.

If I want a hug from my kids, I just ask, 24/7.

Nikki can’t.

My man respects me, never hurts me, and makes my life a better place.

Nikki’s didn’t.

On my birthday, I feel like I have everything I need.
My life is full.
I’m blessed a million times over.
Every single day.

Nikki’s freedoms were taken away from her by her abusive relationship.
Our justice system fails to acknowledge her as a victim of chronic domestic violence and abuse.

Please read her full story by clicking on the link.

Please consider donating to her legal defense fund in honor of my birthday.
I have all I need, and it hurts my soul to think of her not being able to hug and kiss her babies whenever she wants to.
Peace, Kim

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  • michelle: November 05, 2019

    Thank you for bringing to light something that is often overlooked. I hope Nikki gets the justice she deserves and her life back. Thank you for taking the time to educate the public about these kinds of injustices. She is blessed to have a friend like you to share her story.

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