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Beauty is Not Skin Deep

Kimberlee Mule

Posted on May 04 2018

Beauty is Not Skin Deep

Ever have someone say to you
"If you eat any more carrots you're going to turn into one"??

That's not exactly what I'm talking about.
But if you eat too many donuts, your skin may start to look like one :)

Put good in to get the good on the outside:

  • Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible
  • Going gluten free naturally reduce inflammation in your body,
    this positively affects your skin, especially rashes and break outs
  • Don't want to go gluten free all the way?
    Then generally reduce your carb intake
  • Try to eat each color of the rainbow everyday,
    and I don't mean Skittles!!
  • Dairy products have been linked to acne.
    Don't want to give it all up? No problem, try a trial separation for a month and see what happens to your skin
  • Eating good sources of healty fats can help improve dry skin
Want to be an all-natural foodie?

KISS your food!


KISS Swap 

Sounds a little frisky, right?

Trust me, it's not, just keep reading.

Let's apply the KISS Method to snacks.

Here are some ideas to pack a little more skin-nutrition into your day,
and avoid some common pitfalls.

  • Homemade Trail Mix vs. Granola Bars: Homemade Trail mix
    (minus the chocolate candies) will have more whole nuts,
    seeds and fruits then a bar, and none of the fillers
  • Want something rich and creamy? Try avocado or hummus instead of sour cream or cheese based dips
  • Sweeten your coffee with maple syrup vs. sugar
  • Knock out soda with seltzer
  • Dehydrated fruits can make you dehydrated, eat fresh instead
    (they try to absorb the water in your system)
  • At meals, eat your veggies first. It aids digestion and fills you up on the good stuff first



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About: Kim is a momma, wife and small business owner. 
She lives with her family in Duchess County, NY, where she enjoys her rescue dog, bunnies and chickens. 
Her family loves camping, hiking, geocaching, and all things Cub and Boy Scouting. 
She is the owner/creator of Three Sisters Herbals, LLC., which she affectionately calls “her other baby”. 
TSH is the same age as her youngest human baby, and they are all growing up together.


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  • angela: May 11, 2018

    I find eating better is easier if I make small changes. I have started eating my veggies first and I noticed I’m eating more of them.

  • Sharon T McLaughlin: May 10, 2018

    Great tips, thanks for sharing.

  • Euniece Dunning: May 07, 2018

    This is very accurate. Being vegetarian all my life it is a challenge for me to explore out of my comfort zone.

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