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I forgot about Bug Away, and I am so glad I remembered!

Donna Bruschi

Posted on September 01 2023

A couple weeks ago,  I slapped a mosquito on my forehead and said, “Dang, if only I had something to keep mosquitos away!”


Michael and I are creating a functional backyard.

Our backyard was a nobbly, weedy, sideways hill that bugged me. I am the lawn mower in our family. I’ve mowed a lot of lawns and this one was particularly difficult to mow.  

Our yard was unusable as far as putting a table and chairs or a couple of lawn chairs—not that Michael and I would ever sit and relax in lawn chairs—but it wasn’t an option. No place for a patio,  pool or  play area for the grandchildren, in case we ever have any.  

I did get a few estimates for terracing and patios, but in my heart, I wanted to DIY.

I wanted to dig dirt and stack rocks and lay a patio. I had never used anything bigger than a shovel, so learning to use a skid steer was a life-changing experience. Within a couple of days, the nobbly hill was separated into components- piles of dirt, piles of rocks, a  sloping walkway on the perimeter of the yard and a large, flattish back yard.

In May and June, we moved rocks, shoveled dirt, measured and staked to our hearts content. We worked into the long summer twilight as the dragonflies flitted, ants marched, bees hummed, and flies flew by.

In July, it rained. Twilight now brought hordes of mosquitos. As the sun sank, we dropped the shovels and ran for cover.  

In August, it rained, and rained, and rained. Mosquitos woke with the sunrise, hummed all day, and did not appear to ever sleep.  We dug dirt, moved rocks and swatted mosquitos.  At night, we scratched mosquito bites and put Magic Salve on them.

All the while, I made and shipped out bottles of Bug Away.  Bug Away is a wonderful product I make, but in my own life, I FORGOT TO USE IT.

A couple weeks ago,  I slapped a mosquito on my forehead and said, “Dang, if only I had something to keep mosquitos away!”

And then felt really dumb, because I do. I sprayed Bug Away on Michael, then on myself, and watched as the mosquitoes hummed in close, and then hummed away. It’s been a lot easier to work since then.


Do you have a story of how you've been using Bug Away? Let me know and we'll add it to the list!



Donna is a mama and a  small business owner.
She lives with  Michael, her mom, and Rosie the rescue dog in Ulster County, NY,  where she enjoys the outdoors in all its glory. Her kids check in from time-to-time, and are otherwise  educated, gainfully employed and pursuing happiness. She is a lactation consultant who works with mamas and babies learning to breastfeed, and the owner/creator at Three Sisters Herbals, which she enjoys very much.