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Hello from Donna

Donna Bruschi

Posted on December 06 2022

Meet Donna Bruschi

Three Sisters Herbals' new owner and steward.

This is me, and my partner, Michael.

Michael and I spend our days riding our bikes, adventuring and creating. We create all manner of things including food, books, art, furniture, baby stores and lately, salves, soaps and sprays.

Together we have 5 sons: Nathaniel, James, Matthew, Steven and Skyler, all adults and out in the world, pursuing their passions and being great people. We take care of my mom, Marijke, and we have a dog, Rosie. We would love to tell you a lot of stories about them, and over time, you will hear them!

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. 
In my teens I was a babysitter and potter. In my 20's/30's, I owned a Neon Sign company with as many as 15 employees. We made indoor and outdoor electric signs. In my 40's I became a Lactation Consultant and created New Baby New Paltz, a baby boutique and breastfeeding help center. Three Sisters Herbals brings back the hand work I have loved doing my whole life.

Here are photos of our family members

Naturally our kids are really important to us and it's been a decade of transition from hands-on parenting teens to a lot of free time, that can be spent learning, adventuring and creating. I miss living with kids, but I also enjoy the peace and "me time" that was largely poured into growing children.

Now the important news...

What's happening with Three Sisters Herbals?

I bought Three Sisters Herbals because I love Kim's products and admire all she's done in her creation. I don't plan on making any major changes. My goal is to keep making really fine products and shipping them out to you as fast as I can. 

2023 Goals:

  • Make really fine products
  • Keep products and raw ingredients in stock
  • Provide more details and information on products
  • Ship products out as fast a humanly possible
  • Provide excellent customer service when there is a problem
I've been working with Kim for a decade as a wholesale customer and for a year learning how her business works. And I know she's as close as my phone, if there is something I don't understand.

I look forward to continuing to provide you with natural products and a bit of love, to make your life more comfortable and healthy. I have an open email box. If there's something you want to share or complain about, just reply back to this (or any) email. 


Donna Bruschi

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