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DIY Lip Balm Kit

$ 24.95


DIY Lip Balm Kits!!!

Created in the hardest time of the global pandemic and hugely popular, this DIY Kit contains everything you need to make 4 (1 oz. size) tins of Lip Balm, using the same stellar quality ingredients in Three Sisters Herbals Enchanted Lip Balm!

A unique and fun gift for anyone in your life who likes to be creative and hands on.
Kid friendly with adult supervision.

One DIY Kit supplies you with the same all natural organic ingredients you’re used to in our products. You’ll make 4 (1 oz.) tins of lip balm, with mineral colors and all natural scents to customize each tin.

This Kit makes 4 tins....they are 1 oz. each.
A regular tube of Enchanted Lip Balm is only .35 oz.
The 1 oz. tins are a very generously sized Lip Balm.

Our DIY Lip Balm Kit comes complete in a Giftable Bag -
perfect for the Holiday Season!

Your Kit Includes

Cocoa Butter
Coconut Oil
Lavender Essential Oil (Organic)
Natural Mineral Color (3)
Plant Based Fragrance Oils (3)

Tools and Containers:
1 oz. Tins (4)
Craft Sticks (4)
Pipettes Large (1)
Pipettes Small (4)
Customizable Labels (4)

Full page instructions sheet with step-by-step directions
Ingredient education guide
Tips & Tricks
Special Discount offer on a future order

What you will need:
Double Boiler (saucepan and heat proof bowl)

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