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Germ Away

Spicy and ready to fight!

Germ Away is our proprietary blend of the traditional Four Thieves Essential Oil and available in the following products:

  1. Germ Away Hand & Surface Spray
  2. Germ Away Essential Oil Blend
  3. Germ Away Aloe Vera Hand Gel
  4. Germ Away Suds & Scrub Soap Bar

A spicy sweet blend that cleans and freshens hands, counters, door knobs, phones, keyboards, stinky shoes, car seats, upholstery, wash water, and all kinds of bags: gym bags, shopping bags, diaper bags, and purses.

Safe for use around babies, children and pets, but not intended for use on them. Check with your health care provider before using this or any essential oil if you are pregnant. 

The Legend of The Four Thieves

In 1413, while the bubonic plague raged thru Europe, four crafty and cleaver spice traders and perfumers used their herbal knowledge to concoct a recipe that would ward off the plague. They kept their recipe a secret because they were using it for nefarious purposes.

They found the aromatic oils protected them from illness while they were robbing people who were dead and dying of the Plague. But, eventually they were caught and tried. 

Officials demanded to know how they survived!

They confessed their herbal remedy's recipe in the hopes of a more lenient sentence. Whether or not they received it, is the stuff that legends are made of.  But what did survive is their powerhouse formula for supporting a stronger immune system and warding off the germs we encounter in our daily lives.

Germ Away's spicy aroma freshens and warms any space, making it ideal for fall and winter.



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