The Very Beginning...

Years ago, Kim had the honor of having the first of many spiritual awakenings. This experience gave her a jump start on her path. As she have walked down this path-sometimes under the shade of woods and other times with the sun on her face in the wide open field-she met many plants. They started to talk. "Touch me" or "Smell me" or sometimes the not so subtle "Hey, over here...Look at me now!!"


The Early Years...

Kim found herself turning towards nature to treat her family's aliments or to prevent sickness from coming on. She started seeking out products that contained natural ingredients. Craving more information, Kim started to study herbs eventually making herbal salves, tinctures, baths and syrups for her family & friends to use.  


And Now...

Kim is continually and always studying Herbal Medicine. Partnering with her knowledge of Herbalism, is a growing depth of knowledge of contemporary health issues and conventional treatments.  Along with passions for environmentalism, breastfeeding & homebirth advocacy and awareness, Kim is always learning about conventional product ingredients and the toxins, additives and biohazards that lurk in the items we use in our home in everyday life. As a healer at heart, helping people to understand what is in the products they use and consume, and educating them as to why natural is always better is a very important part of her personal mission. All the while, still walking on the above-mentioned path of spiritual enlightenment, striving to listen to, learn from and be thankful for the world around her.


Kim Mule' 

Kim holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in Art History from the State University of New York at New Patlz. She is the proud owner of Three Sisters Herbals LLC. She takes great pride in mixing and blending her herbal line. Each product made with the finest ingredients and a touch of love goes in every handcrafted batch. A former Le Leche League Leader where she served many women on their breastfeeding journeys. She is the mother of 3 children and step-mother to 2 more. Her middle child has become very involved in the business of being a “Salver” and spends her spare time helping with the family based business. She lives in the rural town of Hyde Park, NY, where she keeps chickens and enjoys gardening. She spends her spare time outside, and learning about natural living and homesteading.


About the Name

The name "Three Sisters Herbals" came into my mind to honor Kim’s mother. her mother had two sisters and growing up she remember listening to stories about the three sisters-how they looked out for each other, stood up for each other, loved and valued each other. This respect continued into their adult lives and Kim was blessed to not only have a wonderful mother, but two aunts who loved her  like she was their own. When her mother died, Kim’s aunts did not skip a beat and watched over her and her family, gracefully and lovingly filling the gap in her life. For these relationship, she will eternally be grateful.