What Being Green Means to Three Sisters Herbals LLC

Everyone has a different view on what it means to “Be Green” these days. Some folks think they are green because they toss their soda can in the recycling. Others feel a little green by riding their bike to work. Here, at our home based business, we prefer to take a “holistic” approach to being green, just like our herbal medicine.

Yes, we pay extra for our rural trash pick up to include the best recycling policies in the county (or so I think). And let me tell you, that recycling bin is always bursting at the seams, and the garbage bin, well usually there is room left in that. But further then that…we have installed easily renewable bamboo hardwood floors in about 85% of the dwelling. We supplement our heat with a wood-and not wood from someone destroying a beautiful forest, but recently fallen trees and trees discard from necessary tree work.  We even made our chicken run and 2 wood sheds out of reclaimed wood we found on our property and used metal sheets from an old tool shed for the roofs. We have 2 clothes lines for the warmer months and 2 indoor drying racks for the cooler months.  We use washable rags instead of paper towels. We compost, including the compostable herbal waste from making our products. And, yes, there is plenty of parking space for bicycles.

Is this a zero waste, zero carbon foot print system? No, it is not. But what it is, is a work in progress.

This year we have some plans….there are always improvements to be made around here. A few very simple things we are doing to reuse are natural resources. 1-We are installing rain water barrels by the gutter downspouts. These will collect rain water so that our flower and vegetable gardens can be watered without taking more water from the well and without using electricity to operate the well pump. 2-We are starting our much needed kitchen remodel with new cabinets. Not your everyday, ordinary big orange out-of-the box home supply store cabinets-but handcrafted cabinets with doors that are upcycled palette wood. 3-Our entire house, including Three Sisters Herbals will be powered by renewable wind energy thru Viridian.

The fact that we have green energy choices and that it is so easy to choose not only empowers us but in a way also gives us an increased sense of responsibility.  By purchasing local wind energy from Viridian Energy you help to ensure investment in renewable energy as well as maximize your positive ecological impact.  If you currently use just 600 kilowatt hours of electricity per month and purchase Viridian Energy's 100% New York wind generated electricity, you'll avoid 5447 pounds of carbon emissions.  That's over two and a half tons!  You can make a big difference with a simple choice!


For more information about Viridian:


Challenge yourself…What can you do? Look at the entire picture of your life, everything you do everyday;  adopt a holistic approach to being green. Remember, every small step you take can help reduce the footprint you leave behind.


Many Green Blessings to you and yours!