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Kathy P. used Magic Salve on her daughter 2-3 times a day for a week to help
with her eczema.

Before Magic Salve After Magic Salve



"I was given a sample of the Three Sisters Magic Salve and figured since it was all natural it couldn't hurt to try. I put it on my scars following my double mastectomy surgery and it worked so well that I thought I would use it for the radiation treatment as well.  I put it on the night before my first treatment and used for every dose of radiation. I'm happy to say that I have no scars from radiation!"

Sally Colletti, Vestal, NY


"The Holy Trinity of foot bliss is: 1. A long soak in the Herbal Bath, 2. Scrub with the Dreamy Salt Scrub (then soak some more!!) 3. Dry and rub feet with Magic Salve...TRULY DEVINE!"

Kathy, Nutrition Professional


"My 3 year old son developed a rash on both his hands which my husband and I figured it was due because of the hand wash soap he was using. What started as a small rash in a few days his hands were getting worse. 

I have heard of your Magic Salve where it is sold at the Little Ones store in New Paltz and I decided to use it since all your ingredients are natural.  I started using it on Friday, and by Sunday his rash was completely gone!! 

I really appreciate you responding to my questions on how many times to use, is it safe, if it is ingested, etc.. You are a GodSend!  We love it so much I started using it as a general lip balm, on my hands, around my eyes and we just love the smell! Thanks again and I am sending a small batch to my parents in Chicago as my father is a diabetic and gets several skin problems due to his condition. I know it will work wonders on him as well.  Keep up the great work that you do!" 

Sincerely, Marina Kokkinias



"My daughter Kaitlyn was burned on over 24% if her body when she pulled on a tablecloth and knocked over a mug of hot tea. She developed a sensitivity to the creams that the doctors recommended and she was covered in angry looking rashes until I started using Magic Salve. Within days the rash was completely gone and Katie was much more comfortable. It's really a wonderful salve and it has saved my daughter from going through more pain and discomfort.
I recommend it highly!!"  

Kim and Katie Burke, Keeseville, NY



"I always keep at least two jars of Magic Salve on hand, it works great for

anything.. not just baby's bottom. A quality product every time!

We don't use anything else!"



"Three Sisters Herbals is wonderful to work with. Kim is very knowledgeable and an absolute star to do business with. She has made all natural products (Epona's Cure Salve & Tinctures) to combat White Line Disease and Thrush in horses. I have witnessed Epona's Cure do a remarkable job where other "over the counter Chemicals" have failed or caused more problems. Thanks to Kim and Three Sisters Herbals there are more happy Horses!"

Amy, Pine Plains, NY



"The doctor prescribed a cream for my daughter's yeast rash and it was not working.

We used Wicked Magic Salve and with 36 hours the rash was gone"

Kassidy, age 3, says "I want Aunt Kimmie's Magic Salve NOW!!!"

Kassidy and her momma, Wappingers Falls, NY



"My 3-year-old daughter developed an itchy rash on her chest that was really bothering her. I had just received my Magic Salve in the mail, so I applied it right away. By the next morning, she was no longer complaining about it or scratching at it, and within a day or so it was completely gone.
I love it!"

Jodi, North Las Vegas, NV




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